System Design

April 30, 2016
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Application and Systems Architecture

Systems at a Global Scale

Need help deploying your application to the cloud? Do your requirements include global scalability & fault-tolerance? System Architecture is our specialty!

We’re experts in web-scale system design and deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The AWS services we implement are EC2, Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Elastic File System (EFS), CloudFront (CDN), CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Route 53 (DNS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Auto-Scaling with Elastic BeanStalk.

Systems engineering of complex products is by its very nature, a collaborative multi-disciplinary and iterative process. These products, and their associated systems and sub-systems, are characterized by the high level of interaction that takes place between a large numbers of different embedded systems and the physical hardware with which they interact.

Today, it is common practice to use many different models to define the system architecture and simulate the behavior of these complex systems and products. The challenge with this approach is that these models rarely interoperate with one another and do not exist in an aggregated environment for a ‘whole-system’ view or simulation of the complete product.

The Systems Architect Role

Systems Architects from CloudJocks provide advanced capabilities to easily perform functional decomposition of complex products and systems to ensure that requirements are accurately met all along the product development lifecycle. The solution provides a fully integrated system architecture definition, modeling and simulation environment built on an open and extensible platform. This approach delivers unique model-based and platform-based systems engineering support.

Model-based Systems Engineering

Model-based systems engineering is enabled through a rich data model that enables the definition and management of the relationships between; requirements, the functional system architecture, the 2D & 3D Logical representation of this architecture, and the physical representation and instantiations of the architecture in a given product or platform – including hardware and embedded software. Platform-based systems engineering support is enabled through a rich and extensible data model and collaborative system engineering business process support environment that provides full requirements, product, program, project, and configuration lifecycle management capabilities.