WordPress Design, Development & Plugins

April 30, 2016
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Website Design and Development

Unrivaled WordPress Expertise

We offer WordPress website design and plugin development. From a simple website to advanced e-commerce solutions with integrated forums and membership.

All of our custom WordPress builds are managed within MS Team Foundation Server, an online project management software package. MS Team Foundation Server provides a structured project plan for our team and clients to use throughout the development process. We have tasks and our clients do too.

But don’t worry, we have a dedicated project manager assigned to each client to make sure all team members are in-sync and on-task. From our graphic designer and SEO specialist to our front-end coder, clients have access to the right expertise before and after go-live.

Interface Design

A properly designed User Interface becomes invisible. When designing an interface, we understand the importance to stay within industry design standards. A great User Interface will help your business retain the customers business that you have worked so hard to earn.

Responsive Design

It has become more important than ever before to design for multiple devices. Rather than the approach of creating separate websites for desktop and mobile, we build responsive designs that will serve all devices. This reduces the time spent maintaining multiple formats and provides your customers a seamless experience on any size device.

Content Creation

When creating on site content, SEO best practices must be followed. If you intend to utilize social media, your content needs to reflect your brand. You must also carefully create the content that will get your customers to take action while addressing their interests. We offer consulting to help you create a plan of action to create content that will deliver maximum results for your business. If you need us to take the lead and create your content for you, then we can help with that too.


Acquiring customers is important and branding ensures that those customers remember you. Consistency is the key. We can ensure that your logo is identifiable and your message is clear.